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130 William

Partners & Spade worked to create the branding and marketing materials for architect Sir David Adjaye’s first residential tower in New York City, rising 66 stories above downtown Manhattan. We rethought what a luxury real estate brand could be, and told a broader story about the materials that make up the building and the community that surrounds it.


Conceived with the intention of flipping cultural norms and stigmas around men’s health and grooming, Partners & Spade worked to create the name, visual identity, and brand personality of a new, more honest brand for men.

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The Inside

Working with designer and founder of theinside.com Christiane Lemieux, Partners & Spade helped articulate the company’s vision in a new way through branding, web design and establishing its mission: to translate rarefied trends and beloved interiors into furniture that's made-to-order.


Partners & Spade has worked with Nordstrom over several years, giving voice to a company at brand level through Spring and Holiday '16 campaigns. The studio's latest work for the fourth-generation-owned, Seattle-based company helped to contextualize Nordstrom for a New York audience, launching their first-ever men's store in Manhattan in April 2018. Shot by Collier Schorr, the campaign was inclusive of print and film.

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Warby Parker

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Shortly after Warby Parker was founded, Partners & Spade began working with this rapidly growing brand, conceiving and executing all creative needs including national television spots, retail store design, photography, temporary and traveling brand experiences.

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The Coca-Cola Company

While the Coca-Cola Company has a world-famous name, most consumers don’t know the full story. Partners & Spade helped this iconic brand talk about itself for the first time in its 131 year history working across every medium, including broadcast, print, outdoor, social and a wide range of grassroots initiatives.

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A comprehensive brand refresh for Peloton, the indoor-cycling innovator, transforming a piece of exercise equipment into an aspirational brand and a community-based manifestation of the evolution of fitness. Our work ranged from a full brand book and print campaign, to a brand lifestyle film and national television spots.


A joint effort with the company founders to launch a complex and uniquely American brand that manufactures watches, bicycles, leather goods, and journals. Full messaging strategy, brand book, website design, brand and product photography, as well as all advertising needs.


Established with the aim to rethink and reinvent the formulaic category of men’s shaving, Partners & Spade has been involved since inception, working to create the company’s name, mark, product development, packaging, complete visual identity, and brand personality.


Working with Sonos on their Soho New York flagship, the brand’s first retail presence, Partners & Spade designed an experience around the insights of education and experience, letting the product sell itself in a series of dedicated listening rooms. Designed in a like-minded modern aesthetic, the spaces highlight the brand proposition of peerless audio transforming the home.


Partners & Spade set luxury vacation company Inspirato against the tide of the mass market, visually rethinking the brand in order to firmly establish its luxury proposition. A new layer of sophistication was introduced by way of a new logo, secondary mark, and the creation of a focused yet elevated broadcast spot.

Whole Foods Market

Partners & Spade conceived and executed Whole Foods Market’s first national advertising campaign, launched in October 2014. The print, outdoor and television advertising introduced the theme of “Values Matter,” befitting a brand whose name is synonymous with holistic health and unparalleled standards.


three Lesvos Tote words Canvas three words Bag three Tote Bag Canvas Eddany Eddany words Canvas Lesvos Eddany Lesvos The studio conveyed the transformative power of sleeping on a Casper by way of a broadcast campaign directed by Matt Lenski. The traditionally straightforward testimonial format was flipped through featuring real customers' softer, happier selves.


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Working with a team of beauty industry veterans, Partners & Spade brought Virtue, a new haircare brand rooted in true science, to life. The studio created Virtue’s overall sensibility, tone of voice, graphic identity, and imagery shot by photographer Josh Olins.

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The Boerum

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For the forthcoming development in Brooklyn’s Boerum Hill, the studio worked to find an artful tension between the charm of the surrounding neighborhood’s brownstone architecture and the modern luxury of new construction. Partners & Spade crafted a complete identity inclusive of naming, visual identity and interior design for the iconic residences at the heart of this historic locale.

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Alongside partners in both Boston and Italy, the studio ideated a comprehensive brand for the world’s first disruptive luxury shoe designer making the long tradition of Italian shoemaking accessible via an online only, direct-to-consumer platform. The project included naming, identity, packaging, brand strategy and complete creative direction.

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Building on a long-standing creative relationship, Partners & Spade works alongside Target’s senior leadership to execute marketing and advertising needs—ranging from national broadcast, print and digital campaigns for the Home and Style categories to rebranding in-house lines and ideating new brands.


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An iconic brand and a client of Partners & Spade since day one. A range of projects have been undertaken including the brand’s first advertising campaign, first iPad app, and most notably, the concept and design of the first J.Crew men’s store that was crucial in the revitalization of their men’s line.


A brand with a 116-year tradition of making high quality outdoor goods in Seattle. Renowned for quality but relatively unknown outside a small group of the initiated, Partners & Spade gave Filson a respectful but thorough updating, contemporizing the Filson mark, creating a comprehensive brand book and a print advertising campaign, as well as brand and catalog cover photography.

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A spirited brand at a crossroads of athleticism and fast fashion. Two seasons of work featured professional surfers and a readily accessible sense of adventure and freedom.

Sleepy Jones

A Partners & Spade brand conceived as a line of “not-quite-ready-to-wear” clothing. Primarily focused on men’s and women’s loungewear along with other items of apparel crucial to the inactive lifestyle. The first collection, available Spring 2013, featured an exclusive print collaboration with artist Wes Lang and patterns inspired by classic American neckties.